The Q80R offers the best balance between price and performance in Samsung's entire QLED range. by Simon Lucas. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. Kob Monney Contact via Twitter | November 13, 2019 … It performs very well for any … Learn More, QLED is more than just a bloody-minded alternative to OLED; it’s a very viable technology. Disappointingly, it’s not possible to perform CalMAN Autocal to remedy the problem as the European version of the Q80R lacks an EX-Link socket – something which is present on the US version. Buy Samsung 55 Inch (138cm) 4K Smart QLED TV (Slate Black) QA55Q70RAKXXL online. This time last year, QLED was all about the flagship models. In addition, it weighs in at a not-inconsiderable 18kg, which means you should think long and hard about attaching it to a plasterboard wall. The generally murky colour palette doesn’t pose too many problems, the Samsung proving able to differentiate between shades of grey quite happily. Key features. Samsung’ Ultra Viewing … Samsung QN55Q80RAF Q80 Series - 55" Class (54.6" viewable) QLED TV - 4K overview and full product specs on CNET. At around £1,499 for the 55in model, the XG95 trumps the Q80R for colour accuracy, video processing and motion performance – all key victories for the Sony – but it does fall behind its Samsung-branded competitor for viewability in brighter rooms. For many people, choosing a TV is about more than just image quality. The Q80R can be understood (most of the time) by both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And the Q80R also incorporates the Q90R’s brilliantly effective Ultra Wide Viewing Angle system. More expensive Samsung QLEDs have all their connectivity, including mains power, removed from the screen itself and housed in a separate box, which leaves just one very thin cable running from the screen. Tweet. HDR content is an obvious beneficiary of this talent. No matter the control route you go down, you’ll be navigating a mercifully clean, yet quite comprehensive, Tizen GUI. The Q80R keeps pace with its more expensive sibling by including HDR compatibility for HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+, while foregoing Dolby Vision support. And yes, the image quality is a serious step-up, too. It’s the same 4cm depth all the way down and looks all the better designed for it. One of the key differences between this Q80R and the more expensive Q90R is the absence of Samsung’s One Connect box. Colours can’t maintain their dead-ahead vibrancy, but there’s markedly less of the washed-out effect Samsung’s QLEDs suffered from pre-UVA. Samsung … Sit in the sweet-spot, though, and things are generally pretty impressive. LG, too, to whom every OLED manufacturer owes both a debt of gratitude and of money, has recently served up its OLED55C9 for £2499. Why would Samsung do that? Samsung QN55Q80R reviews. Note, though, that the odd moments of vivid colour (which mostly centre around Lucy Punch’s wardrobe) don’t have quite the “pop” of a disc-derived equivalent. The only reason we can think of is so that expectations are lowered. Skin-tones and -textures are convincing, and the Samsung manages to balance bright whites against dark backgrounds without either sacrificing detail or introducing any noticeable haloing. Well, if you value neatness above all else, and are intending to wall mount your TV, you may want to consider digging deep into that wallet and finding the extra cash. Samsung Q80R and Q70R are parts of Samsung… After all, manufacturers have to put the processing components and speaker driver units somewhere. In fact, the Q80R might be the sweet-spot of the entire QLED line-up. The company isn’t about to bin its QLED quantum-dot technology in favour of the OLED alternative that most of its rivals are employing – it’s too committed, and too bloody-minded, for that. Price history, statistics and insights for Samsung QLED QA55Q80R. And that’s before you even consider the LCD rivals which are hot on its heels. Samsung QE55Q90R performance – Exceptional black levels Having already done an in-depth analysis of the Q90R range’s picture performance in this review of the Samsung QE65Q90R, I’ll … You could use one of the two remote controls. QLED starts at something of a disadvantage here. Samsung Q80R (QE55Q80R) review: Performance In one important respect, the Q80R is a big improvement over last year’s equivalent QLEDs – off-axis performance. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. It benefits from Samsung’s class-leading user interface – its on-screen menus manage to be comprehensive without being busy or intimidating. It’s very tidily built, though, as the price demands – the bezel is minimal and gently curved, rather than square, at the corners. As far as sound is concerned, the Samsung fights valiantly against the usual flatscreen TV cliches of thin, reedy audio. Gamers know that’s an impressive figure and, allied to its relatively high contrast levels, makes the Q80R well worth considering as a games monitor. Which begs the question: shouldn’t you just throw caution to the wind and buy a Q90R instead? What is the Samsung QE55Q80R? It provides super-wide viewing angles – often a relative weakness of other LCD-based sets – as well as impressive resistance to reflections. No, Samsung has decided its QLED technology needs to be democratised a little. Buy Samsung 55 Inch (138cm) 4K Smart QLED TV (Black) QA55Q80RAKXXL online. For content upscaling, the Q80R is solid rather than spectacular. The aforementioned Philips OLED+903 is available for very similar money, has no need for an additional audio system, features Philips’ remarkable Ambilight technology, and is capable of delivering humbling image quality. But that makes no sense at all, because the Q80T is a superb TV regardless of which model it replaces. The BBC’s Match of the Day is a stern test, what with all that multi-tempo movement and swathes of unbroken colour, but the Samsung does a manful job. Thanks for submitting your review. Or there’s the smaller, slimmer, altogether curvier wand with just the essential control options on it – it’s identical to the handset bundled with the Q90R, except here it goes without the premium faux-metal finish it enjoys when it comes with the more expensive screen. Menu. This Q80R may not have the all-encompassing spec-sheet of the Q90R reviewed here a few months ago, but it’s still a well-equipped TV. It’s quite a robust listen, with what might even pass for actual dynamic headroom. The stand is a tasteful, weighty aluminium bracket, which not onl… * * * * . At this level, however, value for money is relative. List of other models from the same Samsung series, to which the Samsung QN55Q80R belongs. NikiM 24 October 2020 00:47. These are the sixth generation of 4K TVs from Samsung … Samsung Q80R vs Q70R Review (QN55Q80R vs QN55Q70R, QN65Q80R vs QN65Q70R, QN75Q80R vs QN75Q80R, QN82Q70R vs QN82Q80R)) by norrysty on . Samsung QE55Q80R review. This time last year, all of Samsung… It’s a very worthwhile feature. Our review price was AUD 4,815 as of May 2017 which is a little high even for the amazing picture quality and the awesome features. Streaming 4K content is an equally enjoyable experience. Simon Lucas is a journalist of 15 years standing, with particular emphasis on the world of consumer electronics. Learn all about 55 Inch (138cm) 4K Smart QLED TV including prices, offers, specifications & shop from Samsung India. The Ultra Wide Viewing Angle technology is effective, too. Best TV deals: 4K, OLED, QLED, HDR. It performs just as well in a dark room, for movies and HDR content, and in a bright room for sports or TV shows. £899.00 Typical price. Test score Show Context. Menu. If you’re expecting the UK’s first 8K TVs to boast a revolutionary design, you might be disappointed. That’s changed. The Samsung Q80R makes a great deal of sense for gamers too. Navigation is either via Samsung’s standard (and rather slapdash) IR remote control, a far less button-heavy Bluetooth handset, Samsung’s clean and stable Smart Things app or (if you want to get tetchy quickly) voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s all change for 2019. Given their relative price tags, it’s an omission that’s easier to handle on this screen. And although there remains a full array of local dimming, there are fewer dimming zones here than seen on the pricier screen. The 65in Q900R is marginally thinner than the 65in Q9FN, bu… Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark. The Samsung QE55Q90R may not be as thin as an OLED at its narrowest, but at least its profile is consistent. Screen uniformity is impressive by LCD standards, though. It has too many buttons, and many of them are too small, but it’s at least comprehensive. For all that OLED TVs are ultra-thin, they usually have a chunky section on the rear. The Samsung QE55Q80R employs a 4K VA-type panel and uses full-array local dimming (FALD) zones for its backlighting. This TV’s £2k is a not-inconsiderable sum to pay for a 55in 4K model, and there’s no doubt the alternatives are compelling. The minimal metallic bezel is nicely curved at the corners, and (if you’re not wall-mounting it) the stand is central. Want control options? Samsung front-loaded last year’s QLED range to a frightening extent. As a result, the Q80R is comparatively deep (62mm) and heavy (18.6kg). The Samsung QE65Q85R brings you much of the excellent performance of Samsung’s 2019 flagship TV range but at a substantially cheaper price. If we look at their model name/number, we can easily guess that Samsung QN55Q80R is the model that positioned higher than Samsung … It almost doesn’t need saying, though, that a 55in screen at this sort of money really deserves a soundbar at the very least. Samsung QA55Q8C Review Price. See all comments (1) 1 Comment Comment from the forums. READ NEXT: Samsung Q90R review: The QLED TV we wish we could afford. That’s what that gap between the screen and the stand is for, after all. The expensive range-toppers were groaning under the weight of their own extensive specifications, but the QLED TVs further down the range got pretty humdrum pretty quickly. Not that there’s a dearth of tempting alternatives at this price. Ignore its unfashionable depth and weight, however, and the QE55Q80R is quite an elegant TV. 55-inches; QLED; 4K Ultra-HD; Reviewed Apr 2019. It’s possible to detect the TV working hard when the effects are piling up and the on-screen action is hectic and unpredictable, but such moments are rare. £1,700 (or £2,000, if you’re blase enough to buy direct from Samsung) for a 55in TV is not an inconsiderable sum, so is making the £900-or-so saving over a same-size Q90R the wise choice or a false economy? With peak white calibrated to 120cd/m2 (or nits, if you prefer) and with ‘Local Dimming’ (there are 50 independently dimmable zones) at ‘Standard’, contrasts are strong. Smart-Review Commentary: For 2019, The 55-inch QN55Q80R 4K TV is one of Samsung’s best Flat LED 4K TVs and comes fully loaded. Screen … The Samsung Q80R is an excellent TV for mixed usage. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Detail levels are high, noise levels are low and motion is, by and large, handled with great confidence. For ultra-modernity – if not absolute convenience – there’s always the option of issuing spoken commands. The company isn’t about to bin its QLED quantum-dot technology in … You got ‘em – there’s bound to be a control method here to suit you. There is a MASSIVE problem with … And it’s supported by a central stand, which is far more welcome than the foot-at-each-end alternative which necessitates a wide surface to stand on. They run to four HDMI 2.0 sockets, a couple of USBs, an Ethernet input (dual-band Wi-Fi is onboard too), two satellite TV aerial connections and one terrestrial TV aerial socket. June 11, 2019 . As evidenced by the Q80R, Samsung has had something of a change of heart. Instead, the Q80R has all its connections in the chassis of the screen. The biggest indicator of the Q80R’s position in the QLED lineup concerns Samsung’s brilliant One Connect box – or, in this instance, the lack thereof. Measured peak brightness is 1100 nits, making for vivid, vibrant and convincing images – even if that figure is down on Samsung’s claims. Black tones retain most of their depth and detail, even if you’re watching from quite an off-axis position. You will receive a confirmation email once your review has been published. The Samsung Q8F / Q8 is a 2018 QLED TV with great picture quality, especially in a bright room due to the high peak brightness and excellent reflection handling. 1. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. As evidenced by the Q80R, Samsung has had something of a change of heart. Its lag of 16ms (in 1080p SDR and 4K HDR modes) is one of the lowest around and makes the Q80R one of the most responsive TVs on the market. Samsung QN55Q80R (QN55Q80RAFXZA) and Samsung QN55Q70R (QN55Q70RAFXZA) come as two 55-Inch QLED TV models that positioned in the middle of QLED series. It has been succeeded by the Samsung Q90T, a new 2020 4K TV that's almost identical to the Samsung Q80R in terms of features, and you can buy it directly from Samsung right now. Sit even radically off-axis and images still maintain most of their integrity. No matter the source material, the Q80R does reasonably strong work with sound; for once that relatively hefty chassis works to the Samsung’s advantage. Update: Samsung's Q80R has been replaced by the Samsung Q90T (2020), Best TV 2020: The finest 4K HDR LCD, OLED and QLED TVs we've tested – PLUS the best December deals, Best UK TV deals: The hottest deals on FHD, 4K HDR and 8K HDR TVs this December, Samsung Q90R review: The QLED TV we wish we could afford, Samsung Q80R (QE55Q80R) review: This is the mid-range QLED TV to buy. This may not sound like a big deal, but the inexplicable fashion for great big TVs with a foot at either end – which necessitate a surface almost as wide as the screen itself to stand the TV on – needs undermining at every opportunity. The punchy image quality, super-wide viewing angles and anti-reflective filter are a huge boon for daytime TV watching – and especially so in brighter rooms. Categories. That makes it cheaper than both the QA55Q80R … Colour accuracy is worse than rival brands. In fact, it’s a measure of just how impressive the QE55Q80R is that it must count as a compulsory audition alongside the Philips and the LG when you’re sizing up your next TV. The Q900R doesn’t do a great deal to distinguish itself from Samsung’s existing flagship 4K models. There’s the inevitable drop-off in vibrancy, detail and contrast, plus a little smattering of picture noise in the extremes, but the images are never less than watchable and compare favourably with those of some nominal rivals. All told, this QLED TV strikes a canny balance between performance and price. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. The QA55Q80T's price is AU$2449 at launch. Home Audio & Video TVs. Follow @@OnlySimonLucas. The Samsung is very clean, with negligible dirty-screen effect – but there’s just a sliver of colour tinting along the borders that’s visible on full-field grey slides. Overall colour accuracy, in fact, compares unfavourably to some competing brands. The Samsung lines up in direct opposition to some extremely well-regarded OLED alternatives from LG and Philips (to name but two). HDR10+, of which Samsung is a prime promoter, includes dynamic metadata embedded in the source material. In almost every instance, the Q80R managed to control on-screen movement smoothly. The range-topping Q90R is no better looking, is only fractionally slimmer and is a wee bit heavier. Samsung 55 inch QLED Smart TV (Q80R) – Buy 55" QLED (Q80R) Smart TV at best price in Singapore. Read our full Samsung Q80T QLED TV review. It’s impossible to understate how useful the Q90R’s One Connect box and ultra-long optical cable are: you can push all those ugly cables way out of sight without resorting to expensive installations and replastering. Hard-wiring a 4K Blu-ray player to the Q80R should give the Samsung every chance to look its best – and, sure enough, with a disc of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk spinning, the Q80R’s combination of lifelike colours, vivid contrasts and assured motion impressed and charmed in equal measure.

samsung qa55q80r review

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