Kibbe body types system was created by a stylist named David Kibbe. If you got mostly D answers, or if most of your answers are E or D with a few A answers, then you are a Theatrical Romantic. Arms and legs are very short in comparison to the rest of the body. When answering the questions, select the answer that best describes your body even if it doesn't match perfectly. Kibbe Body Type: SOFT NATURAL: Julianne Hough. According to the Kibbe system, the principles of Yin and Yang should be followed to figure out your body type, where Yin is more delicate features while Yang is sharper. Kibbe Body Type: SOFT NATURAL: Julianne Hough. My body-type looks soft natural as Kibbe describes it. If you can’t strongly identify with one of the other answers, select this one. Just like answer A, these hands are big in comparison to the face. Your head is in proportion to the rest of your body. However, they are wide not narrow. They are bigger, fuller, and rounder than answer D. These lips don’t fit into the other categories. And even though they are slightly sharp, they are not prominent like answer A. This hipline is neither very straight nor very round. Bear in mind that we are talking about the bones here, not the flesh. You can make someone appear taller by taking a picture of them from a low angle pointing the camera upwards. Even when overweight, the flesh is taut and your cheeks do not get puffy. They are defined by extreme femininity in body and facial features. This article should show you visual examples: Yin vs Yang Examples of Kibbe Body Types. Your bone structure is probably answer C dominant, but you have some additional Yin in your body flesh and facial features. You can’t really say whether your overall bone structure, body flesh, and facial features are Yin or Yang because each feature is a different answer. Kibbe’s Dramatic is described as a “Regal Lady.” You can read more about Kibbe’s Dramatic here. To classify as a Classic, your answers to the Kibbe test should mostly be C under all three sections (Skeleton, Body Flesh, Facial Features).. Having a Classic body means that the primary adjective that describes your whole body is balanced and even— not tall, nor wide, nor curvy.You can’t be super tall (more than 5’7″) and be a Classic. If most of your answers are C under body flesh and facial features, with a few A or B answers under bone structure, then you are a Dramatic Classic. They also have a slight roundness, but it’s not as significant as in answer E. These cheekbones are soft and rounded. Before you take the Kibbe body type test, I would strongly recommend that you read this post, which will give you an overview and introduction to the Kibbe body types. See more ideas about Dramatic classic, Body types, Style analysis. 5 MAIN TYPES 13 TYPES Also, each Kibbe … The Soft Natural Kibbe body type is long and wide with blunt edges like the pure Natural type, but with some added softness and roundness (Yin influence) to it. How can I call this? How does the flesh on your cheekbones feel? Like answer A, this bustline is rather flat with small breasts. If you can’t strongly identify with one of the other answers, select this one. ‍This hipline is always very prominent, very soft, fleshy, and rounded regardless of your weight. Kibbe r/ Kibbe. The best way to determine your vertical line is by taking a picture of yourself at chest-level. They have small jawbones. This body shape is moderately defined at the waist, with bust and shoulders that are equal in width. In reality though, both ladies measure almost the exact same height in inches. This bustline is flat with very small breasts. Your body is elongated, broad, and blunt and is defined by Soft Yang. These are the celebrities with dramatic Kibbe body type either mentioned in the Kibbe body type book or verified by Kibbe himself later on. The breasts are small to average, the waist is straight and undefined, and the hips are narrow. They may be slightly closely spaced. This body type is long and straight. You need to do this accurately because the test is divided into three different sections (Bone Structure, Body Flesh, and Facial Features) and you will need to tally your answers by section. The same goes for you, Soft Natural. They show some sharpness as they slope. The hips are either narrower than the shoulders or of the same width. The Kibbe body types are a group of 13 body types based on the overall proportions of our bone structure, flesh, and facial features. Moderate, even in proportion to my height and torso, Small, very short in proportion to my height and torso, Moderate, neither wide, sharp, nor rounded, Rounded or upturned, slightly close together, The 13 Kibbe Body Types & Their Clothing Lines. You fall in the middle of Yin/Yang spectrum and your body type is balanced. They are always hourglass with a defined waist. Arms and legs are in even proportion to the rest of the body. Accommodate your shoulders. If you haven't lost sight of the natural texture of your hair, answer it; otherwise, skip this question. referring to Kibbe and how much it doesn’t align with what Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is all about. Christina Hendricks, while taller also has all the features of a romantic. This body types classification chart by David Kibbe is favoured because it allows you to focus and cater to the nature of your body resulting in easier shopping experiences (particularly online) but more importantly helps with the body acceptance and appreciation. Press J to jump to the feed. Moderate to very short, soft and rounded features, small and delicate bone structure but on the slightly wider side, short fleshy limbs, busty frame, curvy figure, Partager cet article. The classic body type is a mixture of both the ying and yang (in a 50:50 ratio). Gamine body type is a combination of Yin face (feminine / soft features) and Yang body (masculine/sharp features). If you don't strongly identify with either A/B or D/E, select C. [Note: Some of the questions will have their answers listed in the Yang, Yin order.]. The word ‘flamboyant‘ is merely a descriptor in Kibbe body type system. You won't be looking from the right angle and neither will anyone else. If you cannot strongly identify with any of the other answers, choose this one. Even when you don’t smile, the cheeks are round and puffy. If you got mostly B answers under all sections, you are a pure Natural. First off, let’s clarify a few things so that you’ll feel more confident interpreting the results of the Kibbe body type test. This means they are slightly more rounded at the edge but still very angular. Extreme, sharp yang. They are not as full as answer E. These lips are rounded and very full. Jun 14, 2020 - Explore K B's board "Body Types David Kibbe" on Pinterest.

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