Fishing at Wagtail. Setting. A large island dominates the majority of the lake and is riddled with snags, overhanging trees and other features. It is an old gravel pit of 10.5 acres, set in 20 acres of peaceful grassland surrounded by woodland. There are currently over 100 35lb+ carp and with fish growing at a rate of up to 7lb a year the 3 fish over 50lb will be joined by many more in the near … Both lakes are stocked with stunning scaley carp and are included on the syndicate … 200 carp have been introduced to the lake every year for the … A lake that contains many beautiful old … Here’s why Fryerning is the perfect syndicate for you: 1. The nine-acre lake was stocked again in May 2009 with 800 mirror and common carp ranging from 8lb to 12lb, and another stocking took place in April 2010 of 80 big carp, from 14lb to 28lb. Located in Maldon Essex, it’s the ideal location for a carp syndicate. Chigborough Carp Lake is a beautiful, mature, tree-lined lake in Heybridge, Essex. The Syndicate Lake is a mature, 7 acre gravel pit dug in the mid 1940's. We will be here soon Carp … Chigborough Carp Syndicate. The result is a spectacular sporting natural fishing lake of around 6 acres designed for experienced carp fisherman with water depths of over 36ft. XL Carp is run with you in mind – we have the expertise needed for you to have the very best chance of improving your average catch rate and chasing the dream of a giant P.B. Memberships including night carp fishing, for this select and historic water upon request. About Hook Lake. Approximately 25 acres in size and surrounded by a nature reserve, Lofts Lake is one of the most peaceful and tranquil Essex carp syndicates you're ever likely to fish. Lofts Lake is one of the best carp fishing syndicates in Essex. Imagine a quiet, 10 acre estate lake that dates back to the 1600’s fringed with large Oaks, Norfolk reeds and large expanses of lily pads. By providing excellent onsite facilities, large healthy fish and a safe secure environment for fish and anglers alike! The Big Lake is the carp syndicate and membership is open to all subject to availability. carp! It is our mission to develop Lofts Lake Syndicate into a community of like minded people, with a common goal and passion for angling. The Cove is a ten acre gravel pit that offers fantastic carp fishing for anglers of all abilities in a beautifully landscaped environment. Until 2014 the 80 acre gravel pit was controlled by a number of angling clubs and a period of no specific fishing … The sky is the limit regarding the fishing, we have a stocking policy in place with fish stocked late 2017 and more on order ready to stock late 2018. These venues (unless stated) are run as individual syndicates split into weekday and weekend rota’s. The first challenge, will be to find out what surprises the fishery has in store. We hope that the Westbourne syndicate will be an escape from the pressures of life and also the pressured and commercial nature of much Carp fishing … We will be here soon ... We are down for maintenance. We are a syndicate water, for both carp … Earith Carp Lakes is a large fishery in Cambridgeshire, not far from the pretty town of St Ives and with good transport links via M11, A1 and A14. Approximately 25 acres of gin clear water, housing some of the most stunning carp you’re ever likely to see on the bank. With stories of past 40lb carp … Are you fishing a water … Boasting carp to 40lb+ and a lake containing almost every feature imaginable, this Essex carp syndicate really has everything for the carp … Final Words on Syndicate Carp Lakes in Lincolnshire Being a part of a fishing syndicate means linking up with those anglers who are looking for a similar experience as yourself. Website Design by Small Businesses Resources. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. Our syndicate at XL Carp is like no other; a truly inspirational carp fishing experience which allows you to invest your valuable time in a safe, secure environment while pursuing some of the biggest and most sought after carp in the country. Background information on Swarkestone Syndicate. The Lakes . We also offer open access to our syndicate waters during April and May which is often a prolific time, meaning you could have the chance of catching some of the best and biggest carp … You may recognise neighbouring fisheries such as Chigboro Fisheries, Chigborough Carp Syndicate, Maldon Pool Syndicate, Slough House Farm Fishery, Rook Hall Fisheries and The Sanctuary Syndicate to name a few. Well over thirteen acres have … Cromwell is a beautiful 18 acre spring fed, tree lined specimen lake, set in peaceful surroundings just of the A1 in Newark. Our aim is to become one of the Midlands leading specimen carp fisheries. The carp fishing syndicate on St Genevieve Lakes represents an opportunity to be a part of an ongoing project that will lead to the fishery becoming the hottest ticket in East Anglia. The Carp Syndicate Membership enquiry . The 5 acre Cherry Lake is our big Carp water with some cracking Carp to over 44lb and is normally best tackled by the experienced Carp angler.. Fishing at Westbourne will always be experienced in a beautiful, secure and unpressured environment which is rich in varied wildlife. You can only join one rota or the other, not both. the carp … Nowhere offers you more opportunities than Fryerning to develop and extend your carp fishing … This was my first lake, at just over an acre and with depths ranging from 2ft- 12ft, 2 islands, lillies, reed beds and overhanging trees, this is the ultimate in close quarter carping. The lake is made up of a number of bays, underwater islands and gullies, with depths ranging from 3ft - 14ft in places.

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