Here’s where to start, Critical requirements for a psychiatry EHR, Five things your physicians hate about your legacy EHR, What to consider when selecting EHR for a multi-specialty practices, How to build the most accurate EHR budget plan possible, How to apply for medicaid incentives for your EHR project, Meaningful Use over the next two years: what to expect, Going beyond HIPAA compliance for your EHR data security, Telehealth makes a strong impression during COVID-19 lockdowns, Why having a specialized behavioral health EHR is essential for mental health organizations, How can EHR refine your practice's processes, iOS and Android mobile EHR apps: everything you need to know, Mobile EHR predictions for the next five years, Health apps, wearables and the potential for EHR integration, How to sell cloud EHR to practice management, Cloud EHR vs on-premise EHR: an objective comparison. “One of the biggest challenges around standardization is what’s being collected. Similarly, lack of access to electronic health record (EHR) data … This results in improved quality of care and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes. “This will make it easier to roll out these technologies much more effectively and create the best productivity.”. is published by Xtelligent Healthcare Media, LLC. 3) Streamlining EHR Data Collection by Leveraging Technology. Older approaches required the oncologist or clinic staff to enter the data … With accurate data, clinicians are able to develop better treatment plans, coordinate with other specialists, and more accurately prescribe medications. Then on the frontlines, providers must advocate for that data to be accessible and inform their practice. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Achieving Improved Resiliency and Recovery through Modern Storage and Backup, Electronic Health Records (EHR) demand a new IT approach, How Hospitals Comply with the CMS Interoperability Requirement for ADT, Top Challenges of Applying Artificial Intelligence to Medical Imaging, What Healthcare CFOs Can Expect Under a Biden Presidency, Combating Health Inequities Through EHR Data Collection, Rapid Threat Evolution Spurs Crucial Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs, Best Practices When Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management, Top 50 Most Popular Hospital Inpatient EHR Systems in US, OIG: eClinicalWorks Needs Further Compliance for Patient Safety, What It Means to Go Beyond ADT Notification Requirement: Part II, Blue Cross Blue Shield Develops Effective Patient Matching Algorithm. One area where practices commonly lose productivity and lack smooth operations is patient data collection. Enter your email address to receive a link to reset your password, ©2012-2020 Xtelligent Healthcare Media, LLC. From care delivery to health outcomes, there is a large divide in patient response and outcomes based on demographics such as gender, race and ethnicity, sexual identity, and even zip code. Data elements from the EHR must be transmitted as data files that are compliant with Health Level Seven (HL7) standards. “It’s a key part of understanding.”. From the top, decision makers must make the investment in technology and resources that promote … Most of us who work in healthcare IT are familiar with the typical sources of data we encounter on a regular basis. “In the EHR it’s important to have the field and make sure the fields are available and can talk to each other,” Zephyrin said. This way it’s not seen as something imposed on them. Some specialty pharmacies build a program for data collection internally, others purchase a third-party platform, and still others configure the health system’s existing EHR to fit the pharmacy’s needs. Introduction. Documenting patient data in real time will also increase the productivity o… “It’s very important to involve a lot of key members of staff in the hospital in very early stages. Health care statistics are derived from EMR data warehouses. After systems are in place to standardize data collection, that information must be made actionable. Instead, some practices have parallel systems of electronic records and paper records. Teams can track the interventions for effectiveness and lessen disparities over time. EMR data are input by providers in the process of providing care. Electronic medical record (EMR) data are becoming common for health care delivery. Some EHR systems include a meaningful use dashboard that allows you to see which criteria you are meeting and which ones you still need to accomplish.
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