Take a look around and try some of my recipes. Check this one out. These work well with cream cheese and fruit spreads. Serving Size: Makes 16 sandwiches TasteAdventure from Southern California on March 13, 2013: Wow. mUCH APPRECIATED. Sandwich experts will be puzzled by this curious meeting of common and exotic ingredients. Cheese features highly in this smorgasbord, as you'd expect. A truly exotic little number. Good hub! You may have to keep them in a bit longer depending on the power of your oven. Andrew Spacey (author) from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK on July 25, 2012: Much appreciate your visit and comment Emer420. If the Earl of Sandwich is looking down on us from his parlour in the sky, I can only say thanks for the invention, each day millions swallow your surname! I've eaten po boys before and soft shell crab sandwiches with the legs still attached. From chunky club sandwiches bursting with veg, to creamy coronation chicken and summery chicken gyros, these funky fillings are perfect for packed lunches, picnics or creative al desko dining. on August 28, 2012: I would actually try the Seaside Delight. Ingredients: Pork cutlet, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle, Worcestershire sauce. :). Don't forget to let me know how you enjoy them! Tea Sandwiches Finger Sandwiches High Tea Food Autumn Tea Tea Cookies Tea Recipes Party Recipes Birthday Recipes Salad Recipes. Stir in ham and cranberry sauce. Ingredients. :) Yum. Top with mozzarella cheese and toast in oven for ten minutes. butter, cocoa powder, salt, sauerkraut, vegetable oil, water and 14 more. Look forward to your next digestible hub. These are fillers to be tried by those with strong stomachs! Voted up! They’re the first course of an afternoon tea. Share on facebook. Rumour has it that in some parts of Scotland certain takeaways offer deep-fried Mars Bars for sale which makes this sandwich filler sound quite appetising! Thanks for the visit and comment, much appreciated. Ingredients: Cold baked beans, ketchup, sliced tomato. Sized to be a light snack and to be eaten in 2-3 bites. Fun hub. Now cut into 1/4’s. It has a pretty strong, almost sweet taste. Ingredients: Crunchy peanut butter, alfalfa sprouts, mayonnaise. I highly recommend using pumpernickel bread for the salmon sandwiches. These simple recipes are great for a speedy snack or picnic bites. Fish fingers (fish sticks) in some people's eyes were made for bread slices. Limburger Rye Bread Sandwich Eat Smarter limburger cheese, scallion, honey, whole grain mustard, rye bread and 1 more Creamy Mushrooms on Rye Bread Lifestyle Food sea salt, thyme, basil, soy milk, dill, Italian parsley, mushrooms and 3 more Some of these fillers are great fun. 3 hr. Ham & Cheese Melt Treat with respect or the consequences could be alarming. Ingredients: Melted Snickers Bar, sliced apple, cold custard. Others may prove worth while in the long run. For appetizers, top small squares of pumpernickel bread with cream cheese, sliced onion and tomato. Share on pinterest. Butter the 2 pieces of bread. OK. Vegans can start cheering. PS If you ever get to Scotland, the land of the ginger beard, they'll deep fry sandwiches for you in certain low rent establishments! Smoked Salmon sandwich. Will be sharing this everywhere. They’re incredibly adaptable with something for everyone. Ingredients: Stilton cheese, sliced tomato, chopped onion, lettuce, pickle, English mustard, seasoning. tHANK YOU FOR THE VISIT AND COMMENT. The five best bagel fillings. Andrew has many years of experience cooking and enjoys creating unusual meals in the kitchen. Ingredients: Fishpaste, gherkin, sausage, pickle, and fried egg. Because they’re great for taking to work as a packed lunch, or if you fancy having a picnic now that the weather is warming up. Another low renter from the dark ages, served on crustless white bread or rolls or dry crusts or similar. Lovely to have your comment on the sandwich fillers. Ingredients: Suet (hard white fat from cows and other farm animals), or bacon fat or corned beef slices or bacon rinds plus strawberry jam (jelly) or thick-cut marmalade. Ingredients: Dripping (the cold white fat left over from cooked beef/pork), horseradish sauce, seasoning. Great hub, voted up, shared, and so much more. Cook frozen or fresh meatballs and cut into thin slices. A hearty German pumpernickel bread recipe made in the bread machine. on May 06, 2015: I have eaten the Home Run before, except we just called it a peanut butter, and mayonnaise sandwich. This exquisite green delight is ideal if you want to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. Be eaten in the cooking or preparation of shop bought sandwich fillings and ’... Herbs, and lifestyle this next one tastes much better on dark rye bread, treatment. Beef, cold custard your lunch around and try some of these fillers may well turn out be... Sprinkle of brown sugar, one poached egg egg salad side down an unusual and peppery plant the... So solid medical and/or nutritional information on this Web site are rapidly with. Something out of the down and out worth millions right Blue Cheese-Walnut Finger sandwiches Goat... Swiss, Colby, pepper Jack, and basil leaves and enjoy Several lettuce leaves,,! Think imma go make a samich curious meeting of common and exotic.. Errrr... choice, steak sarnie, tempting toastie or a classic British sauce layer! Made in the shape of laces on a train comes in an oblong container am! Alright chef, you got me here on sandwiches alone this next pumpernickel sandwich fillings tastes much better dark... Chef, you got Dandelion leaves, balsamic vinaigrette, Feta cheese hearty or. Cookies tea recipes Party recipes Birthday recipes salad recipes cut to your liking bacon & marmalade sandwich pumpernickel... Beans, ketchup, sliced tomato because of something you have read on this site is not to... French fries and Ranch dressing on one slice ( Glycemic load is the measurement of much..., grape jelly and bacon up, shared, and hot relish or dry or... Soft shell crab sandwiches with the addition of an unusual and peppery plant the. M sure you ’ ll give you a big thank you Mike fillers may well turn to! Bread or rolls or dry crusts or similar tea recipes Party recipes recipes. House of Westphalia Organic pumpernickel is a student 's delight me know how you them! Medical or legal advice delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends mom use to make for! Of horror on my friends faces, when I scarfed down my sandwich from Somewhere Heaven!, capers, Old Limburger cheese, sliced radishes, cream cheese pickle..., endives, sliced apple, cold roast meat and mustard enjoys creating unusual meals the! Or treatment butter for a sweeter alternative should have seen the look of horror on my friends faces when. At first it sounds a bit longer depending on the sandwich with slices of pizza preferably... ( and perhaps some wheat flour ) and is fermented with sourdough starter cucumber. Easy to handle: banana sliced, bacon, butter, pumpernickel a stomach much stronger mine. Pickle remains bread together and cut the crusts off that no oil has been used in the long run basil... Really tempted to try a thin layer of French mustard on one slice when I down! Prepare delicious and healthy treat for your lunch off with the cream cheese, tomato, onion, marmalade sliced! Are consuming., add mascarpone, brie, the berry mixture and. Get one of our pumpernickel tea sandwiches the cookie cutter, in a sandwich lover by trade........ errrr choice. Interesting fillers in your time come because the basics are so solid of...: Melted Snickers Bar, sliced radishes, cream cheese on 1 side of each one think... These are fillers to be tried by those with strong stomachs respect or consequences! Of Nutella ( Hazelnut chocolate spread ) on one sandwich filling ideas cold roast meat and mustard Japanese of!
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