Doctors told his parents to prepare for their newborn’s death. It is my mission to provide a model for you and to be here continuously to remind you of your greatness. [10] That same year, Stephenson was the subject of Three Foot Giant, a television documentary that aired on The Biography Channel in November 2009. Sean Stephenson, the self-help author, therapist, and motivational speaker died on Wednesday, August 28, due to complications after suffering a head injury. He died at the age of 40. Because he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stood three feet tall, had fragile bones, and used a wheelchair. His life mission is to “Rid the World of Insecurity,” and Sean does this through a myriad of platforms. Sean Stephenson was broken at birth. The sweet couple, who are both motivational speakers, met through a mutual friend in 2009 and got married in September 14, 2012 after Mindie moved to Chicago to be closer to Sean. Follow me on Instagram! Sean C. Stephenson, Actor: 3 Foot Giant. The man who died after an alleged assault at the Poverello Center over the weekend was identified Monday by authorities as Sean Stevenson, 45, from out of state. You might have heard of Sean before. On this episode of BeFulfilled, Dr. Sean Stephenson shares his story about his own struggles in life and how he found the strength to overcome adversity. Sean Stephenson’s story and how he lived his life is proof that the mind is a powerful weapon against adversity. Sean Stephenson “Being focused on what you don’t want is like walking backward into your future.” Sean Stephenson “There is always an equal amount of evidence to prove that your life sucks and that your life is a gift and a miracle.” Sean Stephenson “It’s more important to have a goal than to achieve a goal.” Sean Stephenson Perhaps the story of this trade period is the seeming fire sale held for a bunch of Collingwood's most prominent players. All of the videos are older than a year old, and the videos do not have custom thumbnails. The Sean Stephenson Show Sean Stephenson osób lubi to. Sean Clinch Stephenson (May 5, 1979 – August 28, 2019 [Aged 40]) was an author and motivational speaker who was born with brittle bone disease, and there are many videos on his channel. Quick Facts: Born with a rare condition called, osteogenesis imperfecta, a.k.a. Of the numerous players talked about, two (including one not previously mentioned) finally have made their way to a new club. @shawnmodel. The Sean Stephenson Show. Born in Chicago and raised in La Grange, Stephenson endured more than 200 bone fractures by the time he was 18. Sean Stephenson passed away on August 28, 2019, but his legacy lives on. Take action, trust the process, and decide to be the champion you are! No matter what your story has been before this moment, you have the ability to begin writing a new one right NOW. Read this book in its The condition causes sufferers to … By Sean Stephenson. 27 episodes Sean Stephenson (1979-2019) guides you through the experience of developing a lucrative and fulfilling career in professional speaking by sharing practical tips and personal anecdotes from his 25-year speaking career. Luckily, Sean had no idea he was supposed to die, and his … He travels the world giving speeches about his message (many of which are on Youtube). Listen to the MP3 Audio here: The prison of your mind by Sean Stephenson at TEDxIronwoodStatePrison TRANSCRIPT: I’m trying to compose my blog post for tonight, and I’m thinking it sounds really believable that I went to prison and hugged a bunch of really … When Sean was born doctors predicted he would not to survive past birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. Sean Stephenson. “There are no words to describe the depth of sadness we feel today. [1] Because he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stood three feet tall, had fragile bones, and used a wheelchair.[2].

sean stephenson story

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